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Progressive strips from progressive tooling we have built.

Stamping capabilities

 Zakobe Metal Stamping has extensive experience in thin metal stamping but we are not limited to just thin metals. We have built and ran tooling for 0.001" full hard stainless steel up to 0.187" aluminum. Current press tonnages range from 5 ton to 60 ton.

 Our precision stamped parts are made from all kinds of materials including most metals but we are not limited to just metals. Some examples of materials we have worked with are tantalum, nickel, steel, fiber board, aluminum, stainless steel, fish paper, phenolics, PVC, brass, copper, magnesium, rubber, foam, and numerous more materials. 

 Designing and building all our tool and dies in house allows us to meet and exceed customer part requirements. Types of tooling we can do ranges from simple blanking dies, draw or form dies, and multiple progression tools with our largest to date being a twenty stage progressive. We are happy to run small orders requiring only a few pieces to orders into the millions of pieces. 

 We have worked with many customers on initial concepts through prototypes and into production and enjoy the interaction it brings.